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OMG I LOVE this song! Bigbang is finally back and triple as good as before!

I must say the location they shoot the video was a very good choice, the scenery fits their image and the song perfectly, it gives off a very nice and comfortable sensation.

The dance moves they do in the end of the video, is it dougie? It looks pretty nice!

Though I can’t help but laugh when I see G-dragon.. He is walking down the street with so much swag while his hair is just slapping him in the face? I’m sorry XD

But seen away from that.. then they all look good and again I love the new song :)


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Jay Park, you are just amazing.

I’ve been putting this song on repeat like crazy!

The first time I watched the video.. I was so shocked. I mean disappointed maybe? I really love Jay Park, he is such an amazing artist but this video. It’s kinda awkward. 

The way it has been made, makes Jay look kinda gay. The dance moves aren’t emphasized at all.

Watching the practice video was so much better, the dance moves are really nice! But you can’t really see it in the music video.

But seriously no hating, I still love jay :)

Can’t wait for the whole album to come out!

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